Growing Goodness™ is a children’s lifestyle clothing and accessories brand. In sharing these two words that precisely define our purpose we believe we can have a profound positive impact on the world. This promise will inspire new meaning, nurture human goodness, and provide our partners and our customers at our core with a choice that can make a difference. A portion of all Growing Goodness™ proceeds will go to helping children in need.

Growing Goodness™

A baby is born and that family is forever changed in many ways. One way is the unending desire to raise a human that cares, is good, just, empathetic, independent, bold and kind. Our Growing Goodness™ brand conveys a much-needed message for our time—a precious reminder that is likable, familiar, engaging, heartfelt, authentic, meaningful, and memorable.


Launch Date TBD

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring visibility to the idea of kids having the knowledge and power to make the world a better place and parents’ role to nurture that goodness. Through Growing Goodness™ charitable fundraising services and events our mission is the very heart and soul of our brand. The mission in action will be funded by our online retail store services.

Our Story

Unlike most timelines, this one does not contain monetary urgency but rather what appears to be a growing sense of social urgency. The original inspiration for Growing Goodness™ was simple, the desire to contribute and give back to community. Initial exploration for this idea included an online broadcast network focused on our local farmers (where our food comes from and those who feed us). After more research and development, a wedding, a newborn aka ‘Bean,’ focusing on home, family life, raising our daughter and watching her grow, it became clear what Growing Goodness™ was all about.