Our Clothing

Our Growing Goodness™ online retail store will include Maternity, Newborn, Infant & Toddler, Girls & Boys clothing collections and accessories.

• Affordable
• Comfortable, Cute and Soft
• Happy
• Not unnecessarily complicated
• Simple patters and color story
• Eco-Friendly
• Organic sustainable fabrics
• Dyes from natural resources

• Made ethically
• Provides the funding to make a difference in a child’s life

Our Core Values

We believe we must be the goodness we seek in our children. We believe what we focus on grows. These principles are fundamental to our Growing Goodness™ brand. Our identity is therefore a true reflection of the goodness in ourselves.

Our Personality

• We are happiest when we are together as a family
• We eat together as a family
• We prefer outside over inside
• We think the more unplugged time the better
• We value family as the most important thing in the world

Our Voice

• Families come in all shapes and sizes
• Cousins make great brothers and sisters
• True friends are those rare individuals we regard as family
• All is possible when surrounded with good family and friends
• We think four-legged furry loved ones count as family too!


Growing Goodness™ launch date TBD. In working to bring these assets to life we have the opportunity to make a difference in the world.