Our Story

The original inspiration for Growing Goodness™ was simple, the desire to contribute and give back to community.

We believe in using our brand name as a force for good. That’s been our aim since our initial launch and exploration into the use of our growinggoodness domain name.

This initial research included an online broadcast network to raise awareness for our local farmers specifically focused on where our food comes from and those who feed us. A wonderful exploration that will help shape our brand.

Our Inspiration

After more research and development, a move from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest, a wedding, a newborn aka ‘Bean,’ an absolute blessing, focusing on home, family life, community, raising our daughter and watching her grow, it became clear what would provide the ultimate inspiration for the future of our brand.

It was after we became parents that Growing Goodness™ took on a whole new meaning. And in the end, we see this not as a story about our family, but about every family.

The Growing Goodness™ trademark class of goods and services includes charitable fundraising services by means of organizing and conducting special events and online retail store services, clothing and accessories.